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Stewards Body of 2017-2018

Posted By: Administration Petra High School

Congratulations to the new steward body of 2017/18. May you keep your feet on the Rock.


Tsepiso Abu-Basutu

Zanele Bhebhe

Ashleigh Fredericks (Head Girl)

Tatenda Maidza (Girls Sports Captain)

Prudence Mulauzi

Lungile Mafa

Luba Netsha

Munashe Rumhuma (Arts Captain)

Alisha Mangabhai

Nicole Mushore

Nokwanda Ngwenya

Matla Sebata

Jamie Stambolie

Laiqah Thomas

Victoria Thompson (Deputy Head Girl)

Alexia van der Westhuizen


Joshua Campbell

Takudzwa Huni (Head of House Shashani)

Matthew Kung (Deputy Head Boy)

Tinotenda Moyo

Ryan Nel

Andile Nkomo

Daniel Nxumalo (Head of House Tshabezi)

Keith Sango

Dumoluhle Sibanda

Muziwandile Sibanda

Aidan Smith (Head Boy)

Ntandoyenkhosi Tshuma (Boys Sports Captain)

Anno van der Westhuizen

Admire Zimbeva (Head of House - Insiza)

Administration Petra High School


Library Fundraising

Posted By: Blessing Chiduwa

Change for Change


Petra announced its first library committee consisting of 9 members both teachers and students so that the school body would be able to comply with the committee that is why both teachers and students were incorporated.


The committee consist of 4 students, 4 teachers and 1 parent. The students comprise of Tara Bent, Jessica Batezat , Blessing Chiduwa, Takudzwanashe Bvurire and the teacher are Mrs M Rees from the English department, Miss Thompson from Arts&Crafts, Mr I Moyo the head of department for the library and Mr E Mudzanirwa the main book keeper and official Librarian and last but not least the parent Mrs Davis. The committee is to be run by the students to ensure that no librarian is side-lined.


The newly elected committee hopes to not only improve library but make it a home away from home for the school body and visitors. This is so that students are equipped with the right amour when journeying through their lives or when researching. The library has decided to fund-raise for the improvement of the library bringing about the theme change for change. Students are asked if they could donate any money individually but representing their class. The most students who give from the same class stand a chance of winning some ice-cream. This is a start to an amazing adventure of achievement.


Blessing Chiduwa Media club

Blessing Chiduwa


U6 Geography Trip to Dendairy

Posted By: Administration Petra High School

U6 Geography class visited the Dendairy Factory in Kwekwe on 30-05-17. Dendairy is an agro-based Industry which specializes in processing of milk. The factory produces a wide range of quality products which include Maas (Sour Milk), Long Life Fresh Milk, Yoghurts, and Ice-Cream, 100% Fruit Juices, Powdered Milk, Dairy-Fruit Blends and Butter.

The quality assurance manager explained the operations of the various departments as well as the linkages between the farmers (Suppliers of raw materials) and the distributors who are responsible for marketing their products country wide. There are plans for the company to export their products to other African Countries.

The class toured the new Tetrapak Plant which is fully automated. The class was impressed by the high level of operational efficiency.

At the end of the tour, it was time to enjoy ice-cream and yoghurt.

Our special thanks and appreciation go to Dendairy Management and Staff for facilitating the tour as well as the Petra High School Operations and Logistics Management departments. The class had a good and informative outing.

Administration Petra High School


Exchange Student from America Kirsten

Posted By: Administration Petra High School

We would like to say our farewell to our exchange student from America, Kirsten Melaas - Swansea who has been with us since 2016, and will be returning to America this June 2017. We are grateful to have shared our lives and our values in Petra and in Zimbabwe to Kirsten.

Administration Petra High School


Founders Celebrations: #30andstrong

Posted By: Blessing Chiduwa


Petra High School Founders Week : #30andstrong

Founders celebrations took place on the 23-24 of May 2017 to give thanks to God for His provision of the schools to the community and remember the people who have been involved in the building up of the Petra schools over the last thirty years.

The Petra High seniors were honoured to join our invited guest and parents at the 2017 Founders Address held and the Primary School and then following day both schools meet for the Founders Celebration at the High School. students dressed to kill in their number ones arrived at the event to be welcomed by the master of ceremony the Rector of Petra Schools Mr Jones who then welcomed and presented our guest of honour to the student body quoting that his a man who has been on international stages and is a public figure in the nation, Senator D Coltart.Before delivering his speech Mr Coltart quoted Colossians 6 vs. 9 then told use a short history story about the school.

Petra was the brain child of three churches which joined forces in this project: the Presbyterians, the Baptists and the Methodists. Some of the names on the original steering committee included John Cuddington, David Coltart, Brian and Jenny Anderson, Rob and Gloria Drayton, Ian Spence and Jan Kreft. Mr J Cuddington (who I would like to call the father of Petra). Mr J Cuddington pushed through all obstacles to make the dream of a Christian school a reality which he did the following year in 1887 when the Petra Primary school was set up, now Petra are celebrate 30 good years alive and kicking . Not only did they stop at the Primary School they also established the High school a few years later, but unfortunately Mr J Cuddington passed away in 1999 not seeing the completion of the High school .In his memory the Johns walk was laid down which connects the Primary to the High through the Rectory.

A race has been made for us by God because we are special, at the end of this amazing speech he left the students with a challenge asking them only 4 simple questions.

  1. Do you want to do great things in your life?
  2. What is going to characterise your rise in life
  3. Are you ready to face obstacles in your way?

And last but not list

Have you placed your faith in Jesus?

View the Founders Address

Reported by
Thabo Mhlanga and Blessing Chiduwa

Blessing Chiduwa


Ndebele Zulu Day; Imvelo Yingxenye Yempilo Yethu

Posted By: Blessing Chiduwa


Ndebele/Zulu day took place on the 26 of May 2017 in celebration of Africa Day. It is a day when the Petra High School Languages Department acknowledges the different Cultures of the students from all over the globe at Petra High. Each Culture unique and vibrant is acknowledged in dance, poetry and song. The students were encouraged to participate in the activities in which they showed so much dedication in creating the event under the theme Imvelo yinxenye yempilo yethu-Living in harmony with nature. The Petra high students were able to showcase their own stand as well as National parks, NUSTs department of Forest Resource and Wildlife Management, Chipangali, Natural History Museum
The walk in the park exhibitions opened the celebrations where the grade seven students from the primary were able to join the high school students to prance around viewing each stand. The later the rest of the celebrations were held in the Petra High Pavilion. The National Anthem sang by the choir opened the event. Followed by an action packed poem by one of the Petra students. The Masters of Ceremony, the head boy Daniel Lasker and head girl Ivonne Meares were in charge of the activities as well as Mr S Nkomo and Iff Achinulo ensured a smooth transition as they acknowledged each event and kept the audience entertained. It was great to see the woks of such talented student as the choir sang a beautiful musical piece by Solomon Linda.

Highlights were given to the skit, which is the first of its kind a Petra High production by Daniel Nxumalo (in the jungle which was the funniest puppet show I have seen and passed on the message of the event in harmony with nature) which captivated the students and the guests, which brought together the combination of language barriers. The audience enjoyed the presentations and interpretations done in the script which used a lot of nothing to make little of everything

Congratulations to all who participated.

Reported by Thabo Mhlanga

Blessing Chiduwa


Development of the Petra High School Pavilion

Posted By: Petra High School



Petra High School are currently in the process of converting the Open Pavilion into an enclosed structure, to facilitate Examination Sittings, and conduct more secure Events of the Petra High School Management.


We are hoping it will be complete soon, before the beginning of the Second Term 2017


Petra High School


Petra High School InterHouse Quiz

Posted By: Micah Masuka

Congratulations to Insiza

Insiza win InterHouse Quiz 2017

Micah Masuka



Posted By: Thabo Mhlanga

Each form at Petra High School has a Head of Year. The Head of Year is a teacher who has been put in charge of mentoring and guiding the students in that form as they go through the year and prepare for examinations.

(Mr M Pimbirimano, Head of Year for sixth form in 2016/17)

The aim is to inspire all the sixth formers to reach their highest potential and to assist them in coming up with high standards in terms of behaviour, team work and interaction with each other and Bulawayo as a community.


Students are given as much support as possible. They are encouraged to draft short term objectives and then in time come up with long term objectives. After these are set, the student, with the help of Mr Pimbirimano, decide on the way forward to achieve these objectives and get to the level that they wish to be at. They are helped to design a study timetable; Mr Pimbirimano makes himself available to guide the student in doing this: helping them to design it in a way that best suits them and their preferred study methods. A progress report is done on each student in sixth form every month. This helps to pinpoint the areas or subjects in which the student is struggling and Mr Pimbirimano, along with the subject teacher, decides how to help the student accordingly.

Petra High aims to provide its students with a safe environment where each student can feel comfortable to express their opinion.

I am proud of the previous year of sixth formers as students who were initially getting Cs and were able to get As in their examinations, says Mr M. Pimbirimano of his 2016 A Level students.

Top Achieving Students in A Level

Aisha Sururu with 19 points
A - Physics
A - Biology
A - Mathematics
B - Chemistry

Nandipha Mabusa with 14 points
A - History
A - Business Studies
B - English Language

Raymond De Villiers with 13 points
A - Mathematics
A - Geography
C - Physics

Lisa Gavera with 12 points
A - Mathematics
B - Chemistry
C Physics

Reported by Thabo Mhlanga, PHS Media Club

Thabo Mhlanga


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Petra High School Best School at A- Level in IMBIZO District
A Level Individual Prizes
Students Names
Award Points (15)

Brandon Tankwa


Kundayi Zvomuya

Chemistry(A), Biology(A), Maths(A) and Further Maths (B)


Chemistry(A), Physics(A) and Maths(A)




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