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As a school we do not offer our own boarding facilities but for your convenience we have assembled the contact details and some photos of those houses local to the school , some of which are already housing our students .


Please be advised, we are offering this information without prejudice and trust that you will be able to make use of this as you look to secure accommodation for your child.


Thank you for considering us as a school for your child, if you require any additional information or wish to visit the school please do contact us and we will gladly assist you


BG Boys Boarding House

BG Boys Boarding House

If you are looking for an ethical, aesthetic, homely and affordable as well as supervised place for your children to reside while pursuing their secondary education in a different city, then you have just found yourself the perfect place.


BG boarding house provides services for boys between the ages of 13-18. We accommodate students from anywhere in the world, that have chosen to study in Bulawayo. We go the extra mile, your children will feel welcome and at home with us. WE OFFER: Accommodation, Transportation, Meals, Laundry &Cleaning

For more information

+263 774 002 829 +263 8644140289

Come visit us:
8 Brahms RD
Barham Green


Carol's Boarding House for Boys and Girls

Carol's Boarding House


We started in 2006 and aimed  to create a home-from-home environment for primary school children from grades 1 to 7. Our current capacity is 20 children.

We follow a non-denominational Christian philosophy, with emphasis on the Golden Rules “Do unto others…….” And “Love thy neighbour………”

Note is taken of religious dietary requirements.

Facilities include a pool, enough space for any game and a tennis-court. Children are welcome to bring their bikes and skateboards.


For further information:

please contact us on e-mail,,     

Tel. +263 9 244023 or cell  +263 772 528 847.




Due to demand from our Primary School children transitioning to High School we aim to a facility for senior boys. The house has been newly renovated, and furnishing is near completion. Capacity will initially be 10 boys.


For further information, please contact us on e-mail,


Noor Villa Boarding House

Noor Villa Boarding House



Located in the suburbs and 5km from Petra High School is the Noor Villa which boasts an exquisite view and spacious rooms for your children. Currently we are accepting both Boys and Girls at the Boarding House.





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