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Science Trip to Sable Chemicals


The A--Level Science Department travelled to Kwekwe, to tour the Sable Chemicals Plant, and gather information on a practical level of the Haber Process, and the manufacturing of Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizers.


This included first a THEORY Session of the Processes which are involved in each plant at the Industrial Plants Conglomerate, and it was followed by an in depth tour of the Industrial Site, as the Students analysed each stage, equipment and processes involved to produce the treasured NH4NO3(Ammonium Nitrate).


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Petra High School Visits Tshalimbe Primary School 2014


When the Petra High School City and Guilds Department arrived in Diana Pools in 2006 for a normal trip, they created a relationship with a school call Tshalimbe Primary School which has grown in time. It's a relationship that has now brought even a foreign citizen to share the bond. The Bhebhe family have been in close contact with a German-born boy, Victor (Age 10), who has been inspired to raise funds for less fortunate children in Africa. This child has raised funds in Germany though a sponsored walk and sent the funds to the Bhebhe family, who have a child at Petra High School.


This time in 2014, Victor will send his friend Lukas Sneijder with his parents to visit the Primary School. The Petra High School was also donating 250 sets of school chairs, 5 Bags of Cement, Blackboard Paint and 40 Grade 7 Textbooks, which should benefit the students from Tshalimbe. A very heart warming event in which we thank all involved and the City and Guilds department which has shown such an initiative to help the less fortunate.


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Petra High School History Trip to Harare


The tour had three reflections on Zimbabwean History


  1. Precolonial picture
  2. Colonial picture
  3. Post colonial picture


The team managed to visit the National Museum of Human Sciences (formally called The Queen Victoria Museum) in Harare. Students appreciated the development of society through time. They also got a glimpse of the challenges of humanity through all the stages of human development.


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Geography Trip 2014


This trip included a tour around the Hwange Colliery and then the Victoria Falls. Each stage was to help enlighten Students on how important the Mining Process was and the effects to the Environment, that Mining does and the efforts that Miners take to minimise damage to the Environment.


They were also given a tour of each stage of the Mining Process, and would then understand what processes are involved in the delivering of the precious mineral to the required subsidiaries and end-users.


Students were also enlightened on the Electricity making process and how coal was used to generate steam which would thereby produce electricity which is distributed to the rest of Zimbabwe.


It would be closed with Toursm Tour of the Victoria Falls town.



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Report: Form One History Trip to Matopos/ Archives/ Khami Ruins 2013


Trip was split over 2 days between 24 and 25 October 2013. All in all 105 Students were involved in this trip.


Special for this trip was for us to be able to take one of our students, Melisa Mabeza who is on a wheel chair up the Matopos Hills.

She was surprised and excited by what she saw because since birth she has never been on top of a mountain.
As teachers, we were encouraged and inspired to make a difference on one of our students. The trip was a great success by any measure.


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